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The E.P.T.S. ACADEMY is a company that provides security consulting, risk management control, and security training to governments, private security professionals, law enforcement agents, and civilians that are working in specific security fields. The company offers consultations on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) for schools, public and federal buildings, risk management, and operational courses in: Unarmed Combat, Women Self-Defense, Instinctive Combat Shooting, Urban Warfare, Anti and Counter-Terrorism, VIP and Executive Protection, and Intelligence Analysis.



The E.P.T.S. ACADEMY philosophy is to provide security consulting, and to create a specific security training based on the client needs. Our instructors teach students effective security strategies, and procedural self-defense techniques that they could use during a life threatening situations. These techniques have been tested in many countries in response to most dangerous situations. In addition, they could help to prevent terror attacks, neutralize terrorists or criminals, and reduce collateral damage.

The E.P.T.S. ACADEMY’s specialists analyze and assess security risks, and problems that need to be resolved as soon as possible, and they provide the client with an appropriate training and emergency plans. The E.P.T.S. ACADEMY’s methods have been tested to effectively respond to any security or terrorist problem that might occur during any different situation.

Ours combat trainings are based on a professional military commando training style and are performed under unconventional physical and mental conditions. E.P.T.S. ACADEMY’s objective is to teach their student security and emergency methods that had a success under real situations around the world.

We strongly believes that professional training, combined with a quality human resources, and new technology solutions, can be the best combination for an effective security approach in many environments.

The attention that E.P.T.S. ACADEMY is given to the client is the guiding principle of all activities of our organization and is the only criterion to verify the efficiency of the services that are offered.


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