Risk & Security Management Consulting Consulting Risk Security Management 

Risk & Security Management

The risk analysis and security management activities are essential to ensure the success of any business venture and the people who work there.
Some projects are developed in highly competitive sectors, where the actions of sabotage, destroy and may slow the results and success.


Business Intelligence Consulting Consulting Business Intelligence 

Business Intelligence

All companies have in common the need to protect their vital business and assets (people, goods, information and consumer customers) that are essential for the accomplishment of manufacturing activities and the achievement of business objectives. The business purpose and the maintenance of competitive advantage for the Company are therefor in need of protection elements, the latter can only be reached through a homogeneous and functional architecture of Security, although characterized by diversification related to the specific industry. The mission of Security is the protection of the Company and its business, its organizational components, production and marketing, in accordance with the technological evolution and the changing needs of the market.


Maritime Security Consulting Consulting Maritime Security 

Maritime Security

The security services and consulting maritime proposed are implemented with the highest regulatory standards set by the industry, ensuring cruise ships, merchant ships and pleasure craft, practical solutions to any ad of interference which may impede the normal course of business.


Airport Security Consulting Consulting Airport Security 

Airport Security

Airports and airlines are sensitive targets for the National Security and International.
A team of specialists with experience in the field, provides full assistance in the application of safety standards and management and technical training of personnel.



Oil ring goplat World wide security operation Consulting Consulting Oil ring goplat World wide security operation 

Oil ring goplat World wide security operations

The mining exploration, oil production and biofuels are currently the most important activities in the global economy. This sector is particularly sensitive in many countries and in general for the geopolitical world. Ensuring the safety of your projects, especially in areas with large geopolitical issues, is now a concern for governments and corporations. You must have all expertise to address and resolve the complex issues of safety, working with great professionalism and offering quick solutions to any region of the world.


Key installation & Nuclear power plant security operation Consulting Consulting Key installation Nuclear power plant security operation 

Key installation & Nuclear power plant security operations

The safety of certain types of installations in the energy sector is considered to be of strategic importance for the country as for the international community. Especially nuclear power plants for civil use objectives are highly sensitive that they need a organization capillary security. The ability to discover vulnerabilities, breaches of security and organize defense plans unassailable, are the primary objectives to ensure the safety of the surrounding population and development activities of daily living in absolute tranquility.


Geopolitical risk analysis Consulting Consulting Geopolitical risk analysis 

Geopolitical risk analysis

Data and geopolitical analysis of the countries, environments, situations and its conditioning where the company wants to operate, are the primary objectives in order to reduce the risks according to strategic choices.